DE-LICE-U NOW was created in an effort to fulfill one mission: to eliminate lice and nits both safely and effectively from your family’s hair.

At DE-Lice-U Now, we offer professional treatment services by specially-trained technicians, who maintain a potent level of integrity and privacy during treatment. Here we only use an all natural process to rid hair of lice, safe for both adults and children. We DO NOT use any chemicals, poisons or toxic substances at any time during our treatment. Our procedure consists the use of thorough comb-out and special DE-LICE-U NOW hair products and shampoos.  We perform a thorough comb-out with a fine-tooth louse comb to remove the dead lice, eggs and any remaining live ones that managed to get through our special lice head products. We also offer a thorough and proper housecleaning in order to fully alleviate the lice from home.

DE-LICE-U NOW confidently caters to our clients’ needs and ensures that they receive the best treatment possible. We guarantee, that with us, you will never seek another company again!

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